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Lanetalk Scoring is an online client/server service that interacts with the score keeping system in your bowling center.

Lanetalk AB were the official scoring partner for the 2011 European Men Championships in Germany.

It's currently compatible with Steltronic Focus and WINS, Brunswick Vector and Vector Plus, QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro and Universal and VBS Viking Scoring.

From the score is registered in the bowling center it takes about 3 sec until it shows up here, that's right three seconds! This is the perfect solution for competition bowling; anyone from anywhere can watch your tournaments live.

Archived Matches

Match protocals from last two month for eight men teams bowling american style.

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LocationBowling CenterGames   Viewers
bowling centers with ongoing game
flag iconUnterföhringnothingwebsite iconDream-Bowl Palace GmbH51   (2/284)
flag iconHelsinkinothingwebsite iconTapanilan Keilahalli8   (12/36)
flag iconJyväskyläPremiumwebsite iconHutunki Pelit Oy4   (1/121)
flag iconLohjanothingwebsite iconBowling Lohja2   (0/16)
flag iconOulunothingwebsite iconOulun Keilailutalo Oy2   (1/72)
flag iconBarnsleynothingnothingBarnsley Bowling Centre25   (1/22)
flag iconHønefossPremiumwebsite iconHönefoss Bowlingsenter AS5   (1/172)
flag iconTrondheimPremiumwebsite iconCentrum Bowling AS7   (1/28)
flag iconTrondheimPremiumwebsite iconDora1 Bowling & Biljard4   (1/217)
flag iconBjuvnothingwebsite iconBjuvs Bowlinghall4   (2/23)
flag iconBorlängenothingwebsite iconMaserhallen Bowling-   (0/5)
flag iconBoråsnothingwebsite iconBowlingcafet i Borås-   (1/248)
flag iconEdnothingnothingEds Bowlinghall-   (0/2)
flag iconEnköpingnothingnothingEnköping Bowling5   (1/49)
flag iconFalkenbergPremiumwebsite iconFalkenbergs Bowlinghall-   (0/18)
flag iconFalunPremiumnothingChrilles Bowling3   (0/22)
flag iconGällivarePremiumwebsite iconMalmbergets bowlinghall-   (1/72)
flag iconGävlenothingwebsite iconGävle Bowlinghall-   (0/29)
flag iconGöteborgnothingwebsite iconMölndals Bowlingaktivitet HB1   (1/73)
flag iconGöteborgnothingwebsite iconStrike & Co-   (0/3)
flag iconHallsbergnothingwebsite iconHallsbergs Bowling Center-   (0/39)
flag iconHelsingborgnothingwebsite iconOlympia Bowling1   (0/9)
flag iconHudiksvallsPremiumwebsite iconHudiksvalls Bowlinghall-   (2/61)
flag iconHässleholmnothingwebsite iconHässleholmsbowlinghall3   (1/77)
flag iconHörbynothingwebsite iconHörby Bowlinghall-   (1/2)
flag iconJunselenothingwebsite iconBowlinghallen i Junsele AB-   (2/30)
flag iconJönköpingnothingwebsite iconBowling City4   (0/3)
flag iconKarlstadPremiumwebsite iconNöjesfabriken-   (0/191)
flag iconLjungPremiumwebsite iconMörlanda Bowling och Café-   (1/21)
flag iconLudvikanothingwebsite iconLudvika Bowlinghall-   (1/45)
flag iconLöddeköpingePremiumwebsite iconLödde Bowlingcenter AB-   (1/15)
flag iconMalmöPremiumnothingBaltiska Bowlinghallen4   (11/33)
flag iconMarkarydnothingwebsite iconMarkaryds Bowling-   (1/42)
flag iconMotalanothingwebsite iconMotala Bowling HB-   (1/199)
flag iconNorrtäljenothingwebsite iconRoslagsbowling11   (1/5)
flag iconNybronothingnothingNybro Bowlingcenter-   (0/3)
flag iconNyköpingnothingwebsite iconNyköping Superbowl-   (2/26)
flag iconNässjönothingwebsite iconNässjö Bowling Center1   (11/30)
flag iconOlofströmnothingnothingOlofströms Bowlinghall12   (0/12)
flag iconOsbynothingwebsite iconOsby Bowlingcenter-   (1/47)
flag iconPerstorpnothingwebsite iconPerstorps Bowlinghall4   (5/52)
flag iconRättviknothingwebsite iconRättvik Bowling & Krog-   (0/124)
flag iconSalaPremiumwebsite iconSala Bowlinghall-   (0/165)
flag iconSkaranothingwebsite iconHappy Bowl Skara-   (1/89)
flag iconSollefteånothingwebsite iconBowlingbolaget i Sollefteå AB-   (1/21)
flag iconSollentunanothingwebsite iconSollentuna Bowlinghall2   (0/4)
flag iconStockholmnothingwebsite iconBowl4Joy Vårby-   (0/29)
flag iconStockholmPremiumwebsite iconNBC Gullmarsplan-   (2/140)
flag iconSträngnäsnothingwebsite iconSträngnäs Bowlinghall5   (0/89)
flag iconSöderhamnnothingwebsite iconSöderhamns Bowlinghall-   (1/389)
flag iconUppsalanothingwebsite iconFyrishovs Bowlinghall4   (1/241)
flag iconVisbynothingwebsite iconUncle Joe's-   (0/79)
flag iconVästeråsnothingwebsite iconBellevuestadion-   (0/9)
flag iconÖrebronothingwebsite iconStrike & Co-   (0/8)
flag iconÖrnsköldsvikPremiumwebsite iconSTEMA Bowling AB-   (1/77)
flag iconÖstersundnothingnothingBowlinghallen Polaris6   (0/16)
flag iconGreenfield, INPremiumnothingStrike Force Lanes1   (1/1)
flag iconNorth Charleston, SCnothingnothingSandpiper Lanes65   (0/0)

bowling centers with activity during the last week

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Gustav E280
Asten Buxton279
Gustav E278
Gustav E269
Ken Sikora269
10 Tommy268

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