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Lanetalk Scoring is an online client/server service that interacts with the score keeping system in your bowling center.

Lanetalk AB were the official scoring partner for the 2011 European Men Championships in Germany.

It's currently compatible with Steltronic Focus and WINS, Brunswick Vector and Vector Plus, QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro and Universal and VBS Viking Scoring.

From the score is registered in the bowling center it takes about 3 sec until it shows up here, that's right three seconds! This is the perfect solution for competition bowling; anyone from anywhere can watch your tournaments live.

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bowling centers with ongoing game
flag iconReykjavìknothingnothingKvikmyndahollin efh9   (0/27)
flag iconTrondheimPremiumwebsite iconCentrum Bowling AS6   (1/28)
flag iconOvarnothingnothingBowlikart Ovar2   (0/5)
flag iconSerravallenothingwebsite iconRose'n Bowl3   (0/624)
flag iconClevelandnothingnothingHarmony FEC5   (0/2)
flag iconLaurelnothingnothingCountry Lanes Center7   (0/2)
flag iconSterling, ILPremiumwebsite iconPaone's Blackhawk Lanes20   (0/8)
flag iconGreenfield, INnothingnothingStrike Force Lanes15   (0/2)
flag iconGreenwood, SCnothingnothingExpo 3002   (0/12)
flag iconSpartanburg, SCnothingnothingStar Lanes10   (0/2)
flag iconSumter, SCnothingnothingGamecock Lanes30   (0/1)
flag iconTaylors, SCnothingnothingWade Hampton Lanes6   (0/2)

bowling centers with activity during the last week

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Carll Field290
Kelvin Statom289
Aaron Winston279
10 Victor Forss Open279

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