Video Directory - The worst break in PBA history! - 1995 TPC - Randy Pedersen vs. Ernie Schlegel

"Randy Pedersen takes on Ernie Schlegel in the 1995 PBA Touring Players Championship final match. It\'s the 10th frame and Randy needs a strike to win (plus 6 measly pins on 2 shots). Pedersen steps up to the line and... I don\'t want to give away the ending, so you\'ll have to watch the video to find out what happens. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don\'t buh-lieve it!I don\'t buh-lieve it! I don\'t buh-lieve it! Un-buh-lievable! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! For the old people! I am the greatest! Muhammad Ali!"
Randy, Pedersen, Pederson, Peterson, Ernie, Schlegel, bowling, bowl, bowler, strike, pba, owned, pin, tap, tapped, robbed, solid
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