Björn Palmé

[white][b][u]DESCRIPTION[/u][/b]Date of Birth: The 30th of Mars 1985Parents: 2 of ´em [grey](maybe one more or less)[/grey] Haircolor: Rusty red-brown [grey](quite ugly)[/grey]Place of Birth: StockholmLive: In a cottage on my frontyard Eyes: White,[green]Green[/green] And blackHeight: 182cmShape: Tiny as a toothpicker[blue] I´ll keep an [/blue] Sex: [b]Male[/b] [blue] eye on you.[/blue] Girlfriend: My Angel [grey](Evolution)[/grey] Other hobbies then bowling: Listen to acid music, and ride my snowboard Nationality: Swedish[/white][white][center]I would like to thank the middle europe for their great music, thats why I still am alive [/center][/white]

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