take your bowling
to the next level

Lanetalk automatically collects stats from all frames you play. Based on the data you’ll get all
the insights you need to take your bowling to the next level. It’s also the first online hub for
regional, national and global tournaments you can play from your home center. Do as 90 000
other bowlers – download the app today!

The most popular features:

  • Challenge friends, where ever they are
  • Play global or national tournaments from your home center
  • Stats from all frames in the app, training as well as tournaments
  • Share your best scorecards on social media
  • Follow friends and competitors in the Live Scoring feature

Be a better bowler

Track Your Progress

See your streaks and compare your game to other’s. Build on your strengths. Improve your weaknesses. This is just a great tool.


Advanced training and tournament statistics, Lanetalk automatically reads every frame you play and generates aggregated statistics of your game.


Beautiful and comprehensive scorecards that you can share with friends.

keep track of friends
and competition

Live Scoring

Watch tournaments or leagues from anywhere in real-time.

Open Live Scoring
Master The Leaderboards

See how you rank in your local lanes and around the world. Drill down by category to see how your game measures up.

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”Lanetalk has taken my bowling
to a whole new level with better training
and more tournaments”
Kyle Troup, 8 time PBA Champion

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