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MATCHES is an online bowling competition concept by Lanetalk. In this guide, we go through all the necessary parameters. Later, when you create a Match and define your match settings you will see this concept has endless possibilities. Welcome to the beginning of a new standard in bowling.
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Click here and have a look at all the videos regarding Matches! Randy gives you his opinion on how Lanetalk Matches will affect the sport of bowling. Dennis, a Lanetalk staffer, gives you feature-focused tips and insights.
Type of matches
There are three types of matches; you can look at them as building blocks. They range from Private Matches between friends to Global Matches where everyone around the world can participate.
Private Matches
 … is created by all Lanetalk Users
  • Leaderboard – private
  • Play in any bowling center with Lanetalk software activated
  • These Matches are only visible to invitees in the app’s play selector
  • Only private invitations among friends in the app
  • Max 50 participants
Center Matches
 … is created by the Center Admin
  • Leaderboard – public
  • Played in those bowling centers where this Center Admin administrates
  • These Matches are visible to everyone in the app’s play selector
  • Participation criteria: open to all or locked with a password
  • No participant limit
Global Matches
 … is created by the Super Admin
  • Leaderboard – public
  • Play in selected bowling centers worldwide
  • These Matches are visible to everyone in the app’s play selector
  • Participation criteria: open to all or locked with a password
  • No participant limit
Build a competition or tournament
Pick any Match type, and you have created yourself a competition. Or put several together, configure each step to suit your format, and you have a tournament.
Here are four examples:
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  • If you are responsible for a bowling center with Lanetalk's software activated, please contact us, and we will set up the Matches Center Admin access for you. Once activated, you will be able to login to the Lanetalk App on your mobile phone and create matches for your center.

    If you don’t have the Lanetalk live scoring software activated in your center, please contact us and we will help you get started. support@lanetalk.com

  • Only the staff at Lanetalk has Super Admin privileges. But we are happy to help you set up matches, competitions, and tournaments that require Super Admin authorization.

    Contact: support@lanetalk.com

  • When you create a Match, you have several parameters to set. It’s very straight forward:

    • Match Name, e.g., ”New York Battle Qualification”
    • Description, e.g., ”Who is the king of the Lanes?”
    • Image (JPG/PNG, 682 x 348 pixels)
    • Start and End Date
    • Number of Games (1-6)
    • Number of Attempts (1-99)
    • Participation criteria: open to all or locked with a password
    • Available in which Centers (select one or several Centers to include)
    • Invite friends (only for Private Matches)

  • There are three user levels. App Users, Centers, and Super Admin. Here is what they can create:

    All Lanetalk App users
    • Private Matches

    Center Admin
    • Private Matches
    • Center Matches in their center(s), with or without passwords

    Super Admin
    • Private Matches
    • Global Matches in selected centers worldwide, with or without passwords
  • Private matches are a great way to create friendly games with your friends or worst competitors. First of all, you have to follow your friends in the Lanetalk App and make sure that they follow you back. When you are following each other, then you can invite them to your private match. As a match creator, you have to make sure that you are following all the bowlers that you want to invite, and they follow you back. All invited friends don't have to follow each other.

    Open the Lanetalk App, go to the Play tab, click on the PLUS-sign on the top right corner. This will take you to the “Create private match” feature in the app.

  • Anyone with the Lanetalk App installed and signed up with an account. They also need to be in a bowling center with the Lanetalk live scoring software enabled, which is free.

  • There are two ways to view the leaderboard, in the Lanetalk app or Online. The Online leaderboard is provided by visiting the following URL: leaderboards.lanetalk.com. The URL is for displaying the leaderboard in a browser on a computer, TV screen in a center, or on a mobile device. Center matches and Global matches have a public viewable leaderboard. Private matches can only be viewed in the Lanetalk App if you are invited to the private match.

  • The compare view is a great feature. Using this feature, you can follow players progress frame-by-frame. You can tap on another player during a match, and then that player's results are displayed, frame-by-frame.

  • A player in frame 1 only sees the results that the other players previously did in the same frame. Frame-by-frame is to keep the excitement at its peak for the player.

  • If you are not in the center and want to follow the match, you can use the fantastic spectator view. It is a view that bowlers who do not participate can see the Match’s leaderboard through a spectator view, frame-by-frame.

  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or have tips on improvements. support@lanetalk.com

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