Face-off against bowlers around the world in this FIRST-EVER global tournament
How to participate
In the video above, Dennis guides you through how to participate in a match. But first, you need to download the Lanetalk app and complete the signup.
The Leaderboards
Each conference has its own Leaderboard. Below you will find links to all of them. Don’t you know to which conference your center belongs? Then look it up in the map below, find your center’s pin, click it, and the conference name will appear in it. Or just look it up in the app…
All participating centers
Check this map to see if your local center is participating in the PBA Bowlero Global Rumble powered by Lanetalk!
Learn more at PBA.COM/RUMBLE
Go to PBA’s page and read more about FAQ, Rules, How-to, Prize fund list etc.
How to register your bowling center
The start date is March 1st. So we must go fast! We use the ”first come, first served” method for the first 150 centers outside the United States to register their interest in hosting this world-unique bowling event.
So register your centers now!
After registration, the Lanetalk support will contact you with relevant information about the next step.
PBA, Bowlero and Lanetalk
PBA (Professional Bowling Association) is the main organizer of the PBA Bowlero Global Rumble. In the United States, all games take place in Bowlero centers. Over 100 Bowlero / Bowlmor / AMF centers have been selected for this event. In the rest of the world, we are welcoming additional 150 centers to join the competition.
Lanetalk started out as a Live Scoring platform back in 2011. Since then, Lanetalk has tracked over 100 million games from over 500 bowling centers around the world. Lanetalk provides a modern, state-of-the-art digital platform and mobile app for live scoring, statistics, training, competition and online tournaments. Lanetalk statistics’ are used by PBA and World Bowling in competitions all over the world.
Summary of the PBA Bowlero Global Rumble
  • This world-unique event will also be the biggest bowling event ever created
  • 270 centers will be invited (120 in the US+150 Intl.)
  • We estimate more than 15 000 bowlers in the event
  • Prize pool of $50 000
  • Each participant will play 2 games, endless attempts, the highest result is kept
  • All centers will be divided into 6 groups (3 in US, 3 Intl). There will be 4 qualification steps before the Grand Finale (Qualification, QuarterFinals, SemiFinals and then Grand Finale).
  • The competition will run for 5 weeks and it will be open for both amateurs and pro’s (no handicap)
  • Day and time to play as well as oil profile is selected by each bowler
  • Start date of the event: March 1st
  • Grand finale: April 17th
  • All competitions take place in the local bowling centers
  • The Lanetalk software needs to be activated in each center and the bowler will take part in the tournament by using the Lanetalk App (iOS and Android)
  • It is free for the bowling center to join. The bowler only pay lane fee (no tournament entrance fee will apply)
  • The grand finale with the 12 participants, will be broadcasted live online from 12 local centers around the world (using a video stream from the mobile phone cameras)
Lanetalk Rumble – a successful national forerunner
At the beginning of 2020, Lanetalk conducted a successful test of the Rumble concept in Sweden. The event was held during the spring when the Covid situation was closing down most of the countries. Sweden was one of the only countries that held open, but with many restrictions that put a limit to this test. Here is some key takeaways from the event:
  • There were 103 centers and 1400 bowlers that took part in the event
  • The average center in Sweden has 12 lanes
  • On average, each center had 50 participants, playing 30 games each
  • On average, each center received 1,500 extra games (lane rentals) during the event
  • It was a highly appreciated event, both by the bowlers and the bowling centers
Thanks to our supporters
Cooperation overcomes all obstacles. We have the privilege of working with fantastic people at various companies in the sport of bowling. That is a big part of our success.
Many thanks to you all!


  • Check that your scoring system is compatible with the Lanetalk software, signup to the event using the link above and await further instructions from Lanetalk.

  • We are aware of the uncertain times. We hope that all centers will be open, but if they are forced to close down, we will accept that and continue the tournament with the open centers.

  • Visit pba.com/rumble to learn more. If you have a specific question, contact our support at support@lanetalk.com

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